Osmo Therm 21

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Osmo Therm 21 utilizes the properties of heat and cold
as well as two programs with electric power to combat
cellulite, excess local fat and sagging skin while giving
the client a sense of well-being, freshness and vitality.

• Face lifting and figure shaping
• Removal of wrinkles, double chin, unwanted grease and «countess arms»
• Anti-inflammatory effect; reduces muscle pain and tendonitis
• Increases metabolism and fat burning
• Increases blood flow in microcirculation
• Removes fluid retention and stimulates lymph drainage
• All treatments are painless, completely safe, CE approved and without side effects

Osmo Therm Cold, Heat and Electricity treatment is finally in here.
A new and more advanced edition of Cryo 21. Det Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm has researched cold treatment (cryotherapy) on fat cells. Their studies show that when adding cold to white fat, this will promote the growth of blood vessels that transform the white fat to brown fat (see the study here). The brown fat is a lot easier for the body to burn.

The cold treatment is CE approved and is completely safe and harmless without any kind of side effects. The treatment feels just like a comfortable cooling massage.

Our method is completely different from other cryo methods in that our cold probe is moved manually in the places desired to remove fat and it does not take long before you see the result.

Our method is simply ingenious in that we can treat everywhere on the body: Remove countess arms, double chin, belly fat and cellulite. Osmo Therm is a therapeutic treatment for the removal of fat without surgery. Osmo Therm creates a thermal shock by reducing the temperature in the fat cells. This process is called apoptosis which results in a gradual degeneration and elimination of dead fat cells.

This is done by the machine reducing the temperature in the range from 34°C to only 8°C and this without the customer feeling any kind of cold. After 6 treatments, it is common for the customer to have lost many cm around the waist and several sizes and it is completely permanent without any kind of surgery.

This treatment, with its extraordinary lifting effect, counteracts sagging skin on face and body. By raising and lowering the temperature in the connective tissue and activating the fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin, there is a natural tissue compression and tension effect.

Microcurrents stimulate the processes to reduce edema by drawing water from the deepest layers of the hypodermis. Increases the production of fibroblasts, which are fundamental cells for the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Thanks to special waveforms, the opening of electro-sensitive channels, called hydrophilic macropores, is induced, increasing the permeability of the skin surface. All the products in the series are micro-ionized, which means that the active ingredients can flow more easily through the “power fence”. This phenomenon means that the active ingredients, specially produced for this type of treatment, found in the products in the cosmetic series Linea 21 and 21mila, works in depth.

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