Deep Heat

Targeted slimming with Deep Heat

Deep Heat apparat

Dramatically increase the effectiveness of Cryo 21 treatments with just 20 minutes of heat treatment just before Cryo 21 cold treatments.

  • Measurable results after the first treatment 
  • Reduction of cellulite on thighs 
  • Reduction of arthritic pains and increase in wellness

Deep Heat is the answer to the issue of spot reducing fat quickly on common problem areas like hips, buttocks, tummy area and thighs for the women, and tummy area for men.

How It Works: 
Fat is stored in the outer areas where temperatures are lower. 

When the fat is heated, blood circulation in the fat is improved and fat cells are broken down. This leads to the cleansing of the body as metabolite waste is transported away.

Van-’t-hoff’sches RGT-rule is illustrated
in a curve that clearly shows direct
correlation between temperature and
combustion capacity. With an increase
in temperature, as achieved with Deep
Heat™’s deep heating, it leads to the
activation of enzymatic activities and
the metabolic rate. Fat cells will hence
be effectively broken down.

2 treatments with Deep Heat™
and Cryo 21.

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