1 device, over 20 treatments for face, body and scalp. Meet the Octagon+ device: the multifunctional superstar for beauty salons. It is the only machine salons will ever need to provide premium beauty services for face, body and scalp to its customers.   

Inspired by Chinese therapeutic methods, the Octagon+ device is an evolution of our original Dui machine which we have sold and developed since 1997. The Octagon+ device is a culmination of over 20 years of research and development to meet the ever evolving needs of our clients. 

How It Works 
The Octagon+ is a portable, easy to use and cost effective machine that is the perfect example of small and mighty. Its functions cover treatments for beauty, body, scar and pain and hair loss by making use of ultrasound energy to elasticize the skin and so that products can easily be absorbed into the skin, mild electricity for stimulating the body’s function and to regenerate the skin, cryotechnology for skin and scalp stimulation, and LED lights for multiple therapeutic applications. This also means multiple sources of income for you and your salon. 

Beauty Therapy treatments include

  • chinese facelift, our signature facelift that works on acupuncture points on the face
  • anti-aging functions, reduction in wrinkles
  • eye bag reduction 
  • ‘turkey neck’ reduction
  • muscle toning
  • acne treatment
  • improvement of sun-damaged skin like pigmentation and couperose
  • sensitivity or irritation reduction 

Body Therapy treatments include 

  • skin rejuvenation 
  • cellulite reduction
  • fat reduction using electrolipolysis
  • lymphatic drainage 
  • slimming and detoxification 
  • sculpting and muscle stimulation
  • feet massage

Scars and Pain Therapy include treatments that address

  • acne scars
  • surgical scars
  • stretch marks 

Hair Loss Therapy treatments address

  • androgen alopecia, the most common form of unnatural hair loss
  • alopecia areata
  • traction alopecia 
  • various scalp conditions 

Great Results From Our Clients

3 treatments with Octagon rolls, scar treatment, Waves 21 excess-skin program, and 10 min Octagon ultrasound / LED, white and orange light.
The scar is almost 30 years old, urgent scar after a gallbladder operation went wrong.

First and second time Chinese facelift with rollers and silver gloves. Third treatment with ultrasound / LED light treatment for tightening, electric rollers with Konfidens wrinkle filler. Has also worked with ruptured blood vessels.

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